Meet Our Crafters

Gaby Castilla & Cintia Vallejo


Gaby and Cintia are from Mexico City both studied Graphic Design and Chulel was a school project. Afterwards they love the project and decided to create a business. They wanted to introduce consumers the ancient Mexican symbology in designer objects. They wanted to show the world that Mexican creations are well done and with high quality standards. The message Gaby and Cintia want to project to society is the feeling of being proud of everyone’s roots and see artisan work as objects witnesses of history. “Today people is not looking for massive, people is looking for individual, differentiate from everyone and that is Chulel, each piece is made by Mexican hands and not by machines” Cintia & Gaby


Colin E Pritchett

Italic Home

Colin Evan Pritchett grew up in a very creative family, and from the beginning he had his sights set on anything that required thinking outside the box. After a bit of flailing in college Colin graduated with a degree in graphic design; it was his first taste of being a maker and he was hooked. “I’m inspired by everything in the world around me – including the most mundane objects. I reject the notion that just because something is utilitarian it can’t also be aesthetically pleasing. If anything, the products we use most should be the ones we enjoy using the most.” Colin


Jaime Ramirez


Jaime was born in Mexico City but his heart belongs to Cholula Puebla. When Jaime was a little boy he remembers playing with plastic luchadores (Mexican wrestlers). A vivid memory was playing with peanuts with his cousins and lottery at grandma’s house. All these memories inspired Jaime back in 2009 when he decided to create his brand TQMexico. Jaime wanted to fusion culture, art and design in simple items. He pursues the enthusiasm and folklore of Mexican culture with a different approach as you may see Jaime’s favorite design the Aztec luchador representing the essence of the brand encompassing culture in a contemporary mode.


Antonio Orero


Antonio is an architecture student from Valencia Spain. His major inspirations are Alba his girlfriend and Otto his Schnauzer who have been supporting him during the Milhomes’ project. Tired of super market plastic bags one day Antonio decided to make fabric bags and after getting many requests from friends realized how helpful there are decided to start a business. Milhomes is a brand of useful products for the daily use, using local materials using handmade crafted vintage techniques. The brand breaths tradition in a contemporary manner, promoting a healthier and green lifestyle.


Pamela Torres


Pamela Torres is also founder of this company, has been inspired in other independent designers and recently on September 2016 has launched a collection of chic and fun high quality leather wallets.