Wallet Two-Headed Eagle by Chulel



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Product Description

Men's Wallet San Gabriel

Brown wallet with lighter brown print

Folded: 4.5'' x 3.25'' 

Unfolded: 9'' x 3.25''

Genuine Leather 

Comes with a key-chain charm made by indigenous community in Mexico.

Print meaning: The inhabitants of San Pablito (Pahuatan Puebla Mexico) lived in the shadows, all because the two-headed eagle was capturing them. To protect themselves they covered their heads with clay pots. Singles were eagle's favorite preys.

One day two brothers went uphill decided to beat the eagle. They blinded it with a mirror and threw arrows to its chest, pocking out its eyes with a knife and throwing them to the sky. The right eye became the moon and the left one the sun; thus creating night and day.

Now, there is a two-headed eagle carved on a big rock in that very sacred mountain where medicine men make offerings to please the soul of the eagle. San Pablito locals' story...

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